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The Life of an Unknown Author Paperback

The Life of an Unknown Author Paperback

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As an aspiring author, sometimes you have to create what you want to be a part of, even when nobody knows your name.

This book is for the writers:

Who dream of being published.
Who are tired of hearing:
Your platform isn’t big enough.
Who want a way to share their stories with the world that doesn’t involve TikTok dances.

These stories are for you because these are your stories.

When a group of unknown authors band together, magic happens. From all walks of life, and various stages of unknownness, this group of authors reflects on what it means to be unknown and what lessons are learned in anonymity. Triumphs and defeats, successes and rejections reveal the mettle and grit born out of struggle. Through penning their stories, and joining them together, their collective voice becomes a community of amplified authors. Consider this an introduction to your next favorite author.

Foreword by Joy Eggerichs Reed. Featuring stories by Cindy Arnold, JJ Barrows, Rose Booth, Jodi Cowles, Karen deBlieck, Maren Heiberg, Bethany McMillon, Rachael Mitchell, Tanya Motorin, Dani Nichols, Don Pape, Blakni Riley, Jace Schwartz, Leslee Stewart, and Samantha Stewart.


The Unknown Authors Club exists to amplify the quiet voice of some of the best authors you haven’t yet read. Founded in 2021 by Jodi Cowles, Rachael Mitchell, and Leslee Stewart—three friends and aspiring authors who were unwilling to take “you need a bigger platform” as a reason for not getting published. Together they created a safe harbor for unknown authors to be celebrated and published—regardless of their influencer status. Why? Because sometimes you have to create what you want to be a part of.

For more, visit or follow their adventures on Instagram @theunknownauthorsclub.

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