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Heaven and Nature Sing Paperback

Heaven and Nature Sing Paperback

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When the Divine breaks through to save a weary world, heaven and nature sing.

From blindly wandering in darkness to experiencing a wild new hope, Advent is the season to prepare one’s heart for the coming King. Heaven and Nature Sing features 28 daily readings written by eight authors to guide the reader through Advent. Each week focuses on a different topic with individual daily devotional readings culminating in a reading conducive to a family or small group gathering. The reflections and scripture-rooted meditations give eight perspectives on the same topic:

  • Heaven: The reality of a heavenly realm interacting with earth
  • And: The connective nature between now and not yet
  • Nature: The beautiful, natural created world reflecting the coming King
  • Sing: The glory and praise due to the hope He brings to the world

Written as an anthology, each of the strong female voices invite the reader to look at each topic from a slightly different angle delicately nuanced to experience the fullness of Advent. As we prepare Him room in our hearts and lives during a busy time of year,
Heaven and Nature Sing provides a thoughtful pause of peaceful quiet for the mind, body, and soul to engage.

An anthology collaborates various voices and perspectives into one voice with layers of texture and depth. The Unknown Authors Club loves to gather groups of unknown writers to create a combined work of value. The women who contributed to
Heaven and Nature Sing come from various locations and walks of life to help people of faith prepare their hearts for the coming King this Christmas season.

Featuring works by: Connie Armerding, Donna Dahlstrom, Jan Cowles, Jodi Cowles, Bethany McMillon, Hollis Mitchell, Rachael Mitchell, Indee Musa, and Leslee Stewart
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