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Cold Turkey Paperback

Cold Turkey Paperback

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👉🏼 “I’m loving this book! It’s so funny and sweet, and thought-provoking too!”

Hoodwinked by the charming smile and dishy British accent of an international school administrator, Amanda says farewell to her simple and predictable American life in exchange for a teaching position in Turkey, a country featuring fasting, feasting, and frequent calls to prayer.

Join Amanda on her hilarious and culture-clashing adventures as she learns Turkish, dodges snide 8th-grade remarks, and stumbles her way through her first year at I-Squared, the Istanbul International School.

Cold Turkey is for those who enjoy exploring new destinations, travel humor, and the joy (and anxiety) of being a stranger in a strange land. A modern-day Pride and Prejudice collides–up close and personal–with daily Turkish life, like they're smashed together on a crowded, steamy public bus.

🎉 Here’s what readers have decided:
“From the first few chapters, it grabbed me and didn't let go until I was finished--the day after I started it.”
“This book is great!”
“I just could not put it down.”
“There were so many parts I literally laughed out loud, revisiting my own cross culture experiences.”
“An absolute must-read!”
“One of those fun kinds of roller coasters where you’re a little nervous for her but then can’t help but throw your hands up in excitement”
“Thoroughly enjoyed”
“An absolutely delightful read!”
“I loved this book”
“I both laughed and cried my way through this book.”
“I savored every delicious (lots of Turkish food references) page of this book.”
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